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CRF Pro™

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Truly great research often requires getting off the beaten track. CRF Pro™ caters to a wide range of complexities beyond the basic set up. Let us be your pit stop crew making sure you focus on what you are best at; be the visionary leader to guide your team to get the data collection going. If your trial is of scale whether we talk number of patients, number of clinics or eCRF forms it pays off to invest in the platform. Digitization saves valuable time and improves quality assurance. 


Perhaps you set out to learn more in the domain, involve a greater number of clinics or aim to include data already collected in national quality registries and/or need patient reported outcome measures (PROM). For a decade CRF Pro™ has delivered such international solutions with great success. Several of our customers are published in New England Journal of Medicine and prominent peer reviewed journals. We take great pride in our work and being the pit stop crew of such successful trials. 


CRF Pro™ includes all essential functionalities of an EDC system such as


  • eCRF for RCT and RRCT 

  • Admin control center

  • Repository for uploading of data files

  • Image repository for uploading and categorizing of image files

  • Advanced set ups including data import and filtration from third parties

  • High-speed responses

  • FDA, GDPR and HIPAA compliant

  • Fully configurable solutions

  • Included support for dynamic questions and mutlidynamic questions

  • Audit trail, multirole setup and multicenter set up

  • State of art hosting with core updates

  • Available on smart phones, tablets and computer

  • 24/7/365 operability

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